Hotel Groningen

With Hotel Steeinstad Groningen it is possible to stay the night in a neigbourhood! We have decorated the twelve rooms in a special way. No room is the same!

We offer an unique experience with the ease of a being at home, just to be away!

Stee good, Stee healthy, Stee in Stad

We like to welcome you in our unique concept of a stay within the charastiristic “Korrewegwijk” neigbourhood.
During the Covid’19 crisis we have taken the nesessary measures to guarentee your health as well as your comfort.

You can recognize a stay at Steeinstad at the following features:

• We only welcome hotel guests free om complaints. Also we will ask for your good health!
• Within the houses we have taken the asked measures: distance, hygiene and contactless.
• You will receive a hygiene-package with disinfection product. So we go for double security and you can look foreward to a relaxing stay!
• Breakfast service at the rooms!

Do you have questions? Please mail them to: or see the header “contact”. We will reply within 3 working-days.

Stay Safe

Team Stee in Stad

Welcome in our Hotel Groningen

Unique experience

Our Hotel is small-scaled and welcoming for guests!

Hotel Groningen is well located

Well located

Come & Learn Groningen from another perspective by staying in the middle of the neighbourhood “Korrewegwijk”!

convenience in our hotel Groningen

Optimal convenience

Just to have a break, with the convenience of a home!


  • Breakfast buffet
  • Kitchenette
  • Wifi
  • Coffee/tee
  • bathrobe
  • Toiletries
  • Shared bathroom
  • Free parking!
  • Rent a bike!
  • Wash-service
  • GLS parcel shop

All our rooms are equiped with a television, storage space, towels, soaps, shampoo and a bathrobe. Our houses have a shared bathroom with shower, toilet and kitchen. 


Our rooms

Hotel Steeinstad makes staying the night in the neighbourhood “Korrewegwijk” possible. In this neighbourhood, we have decorated twelve rooms in a special way.

No room is the same!

Stee in Stad reception
Stee in Stad reception
mo, tu, we, th and sa
09.00 – 17.00 hr


09.00 – 19.00 hr


Floresstraat 75
9715 HR Groningen
(+31)(0)50 57 798 96

Stee in Stad


Floresstraat 29A

Timorstraat 12a

Floresstraat 51a

Contact us

Stee in Stad
Floresstraat 75
9715 HR
(+31)(0)50 57 798 96

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